Temperature Transmitter



Like Flow pressure and level Temperature is the element which is used in the process plants to manage the quality and maintaining the burning of un-necessary fuel.

Temperature Transmitter is the device which is used to transmit the measured temperature signal to the control functioning units,in field instrumentation these transmitters have widely used in every industry.

These transmitter consist of the probe which is generally Thermocouple or RTD PT100.

Difference between thermocouple and RTDĀ  PT100 is that thermocouple is used in high temperature range and RTD PT100 used in low temperature range.

Besides that Thermocouple emits milli-volt signal and RTD PT100 Emits o/p in the form of ohm(resistance)

For preferring the perfect pressure transmitter for your plant you only have to know the temperature range or the size of the thermowell mounting if transmitter is probe type.

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